Nashville General Hospital

Bringing fresh, vibrant life to Nashville’s original “City Hospital"

  • SEO & Competitor Analysis
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Content Strategy

Since 1890, Nashville General Hospital has been working to improve the health and wellness of the Nashville community by providing equitable access to comprehensive, patient-centered care. For many patients, that journey begins on the website. However, the existing site was not only dated and hard to navigate, it didn’t properly showcase the services of the hospital.

By The Way Labs reimagined the copy-heavy, hard-to-navigate website as a fresh, beautiful, and responsive online experience — and one that's well suited to a hospital with the mission of being the leader in exceptional community healthcare.

  • By The Way Labs recently helped to update our hospital’s website. I was new in my role and happy to have the expertise and partnership of Jon and By The Way Labs for this very important project. The process was collaborative and seamless and at a fair price. Jon was responsive and knowledgeable and provided good industry insights that guided us to a much better looking website and user experience.

Challenges and Checkbacks

The priorities were fourfold: 

  • Develop simple, helpful navigation to convey a positive, reassuring online presence.

  • Take advantage of modern best practices to optimize both the user experience and search engine optimization.

  • Update the layout, markups and content of the site to align seamlessly with the hospital’s current marketing efforts.

  • Outline the hospital’s role and efforts in the community regarding COVID-19 with up-to-date content.

How it All Came Together

An audit of select competitor websites as well as existing NGH marketing materials helped us zero in on the strongest information architecture. In order to determine realistic conversion goals for the site, we then developed personas to identify the primary users we hoped to connect with. We used those personas as a guide while working with the client to determine business goals for the site. That led to a complete rebuilding of the site architecture with these goals and metrics in sight.

Telling the Story

Working in tandem with Hatchtree, we rewrote all site copy to align with the new architecture and goals. At the same time, we refreshed the branding to create a more contemporary, engaging, and reassuring online presence. We also incorporated fresh content and information to keep the community updated and informed about COVID-19.

A Visual Showcase

Recognizing the value of real imagery over stock photos, we worked with Andrea Behrends Photography to capture bright, compelling images of staff, patients, and locations throughout the hospital.