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As the Chief Executive Officer of Nashville General Hospital, Dr. Joseph Webb has created and implemented a successful strategy to address health literacy as a major contributor to health disparities in the community. The author of the Health Equity Model (WHEM) – a healthcare delivery process founded on the principles of evidence-based decision-making – Dr. Webb has served as a tireless advocate for bringing holistic, proactive healthcare and well-care to individuals throughout the community.

Dr. Webb is a firm believer that Nashville’s successful strategy can be replicated in any metropolitan city in the country. As a result, he's eager to raise awareness and share his message with a broader audience. 

Which is where By The Way Labs comes in.

DrWebb.org site on iPad
DrWebb.org site on iPad

Defining Thought Leadership

Working with Punching Nun Group and The Maynard Group, BTW Labs developed a sharp, responsive fileSwift website that:

  • Positions Dr. Webb as a thought leader in community healthcare
  • Promotes WHEM
  • Utilizes Structured Data Markup to optimize SEO while also connecting Dr. Webb’s socials to his online brand
  • Converts the WHEM process to easy-to-read, content-searchable data

The result is a polished, highly educational website that not only raises awareness of a widespread problem in our communities, but also clearly articulates a way to solve it.

DrWebb.org Website Design

DrWebb.org home page design