Foster Jones

Branding and a custom Shopify solution for a new product

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Foster Jones™ is not just a new product, but an entirely new product category: the luxury drink snug. With an ever-expanding line of stylish and glamorous drink-insulating fashion, Foster Jones provides the discriminating beverage lover an array of ways to foster both envy and joy.

By The Way Labs helped to launch the Foster Jones product line including brand positioning and copywriting, sales collateral, and a custom designed online store built on Shopify.

  • What can I say that truly encompasses the powerful resource and trusted friend to my company that By The Way Labs has been?  I started with a very vague concept: to be the best, to look the best, and to sprinkle arrogance all over it.  Frankly, the call was gargantuan. The BTW team brought all the tech-savvy, intestinal fortitude and imagination to not only pull off the job on budget, with compliments from everyone that views the site, but they made me feel like I had a hand in all of it.  From ideation, to style guides, to copy-writing, SEO optimization, to the font.  I didn’t know how any of those things worked before BTW Labs and I don’t know where I or my business would be today without their guidance. Shopify Website Responsive Design
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