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G7 Entertainment Marketing is a Nashville-based agency focused on promoting brands through the lens of unforgettable fan experiences. Despite G7’s long history of building successful solutions for major brands, their online presence was not adequately representing the company, putting them at a disadvantage for new business prospects.

Our challenge was to develop a website which effectively showcased G7’s culture and capabilities, improved organic search traffic, and improved sales leads. We began with a robust SEO audit and competitor analysis. We created personas for the potential customers of G7’s myriad services, and established goal paths for each service. Working with the client, we refined the keywords generated from the competitor analysis into a final target list. From this we rebuilt the site map from the ground up to more effectively define services and integrate case studies within those disciplines.

We worked with Hatchtree to rework the site copy, staying true to the company’s established voice while ensuring that targeted keywords were well represented. We brought in Andrea Behrends photography to capture the G7 vibe, well represented in their renovated Music Row office space.

The result is a beautiful and responsive site which clearly illustrates G7’s capabilities through case studies. All copy and site infrastructure is optimized to improve organic search and prominent “calls-to-action” are designed to improve sales leads.

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